I'm Moli and am the founder of Words and Wellbeing. My journey in speech therapy began at The University of Queensland, enriched by my experiences in diverse cultures. Speaking English, Hindi, Bengali, and a bit of Arabic and Kiswahili, I've learned the importance of understanding and being understood across different languages and cultures.

Our approach at Words and Wellbeing is shaped by the belief that every person's experience is unique. This perspective drives our practice to be more than just another speech pathology practice. We aim to create a space where each person feels genuinely supported and understood. Blending professional techniques with a heartfelt approach, we focus on making our therapy sessions as welcoming and impactful as possible.

Here, we take a holistic view. While improving your communication skills is our primary goal, we also care about how you feel throughout the process. By tailoring our therapy to your individual needs, we not only enhance your communication skills but also nurture your overall wellbeing and confidence.

Whether you’re navigating language barriers, seeking to find your voice, or wanting to improve your communication skills, you’re in the right place. Let’s embark on this journey together towards clearer communication and a more confident you. Welcome to Words and Wellbeing, where your voice and your wellbeing are our top priorities.

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